Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You Might Be In India If . . .

1. You're standing on a train platform, waiting for your train, and a cow walks past.

2. You see a woman carrying a giant basket on her head filled with hand-shaped, sundried cow dung.

3. You're crusing along a river and your boat bumps into a floating corpse.

4. You find yourself riding in a bicycle rickshaw with every member of an extended family: brothers, sisters, aunts, nephews, nieces, etc.

5. You're climbing a steep hill to a temple and an elderly, barefoot woman in a bright sari passes you.

6. You're lying on the beach and a cow wanders up and lays down next to you.

7. You're stuck in a traffic jam behind a herd of water buffalo.

8. You're crusing along a river and you see a family cremating a beloved along the river's edge.

9. You find yourself meditating in the back of a silk factory with a man wearing a turban.

10. You realize you're in the most spiritual country in the world.


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