Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back To Bom!

We flew to Bombay, now called Mumbai. I’ve read it’s probably India’s most modern city, and I believe it. We visited the High Court (left), and sat in on some lawyers arguing an evidentiary issue. The building itself is grand and our book says that, during construction, a rascally artisan, who apparently held India's justice system in low esteem, carved a one-eyed monkey holding the scales of justice on one of its pillars.

A boat ferried us to Elephanta Island, where there are caves containing rock-cut Hindu temples believed to date as far back as 450 AD (one carving pictured). Later, we treated ourselves to dinner at the very famous Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. This is indisputably one of the greatest hotels in the world and one day we will splurge and get a room.

Tonight we are taking an overnight train to Goa, where we’ll spend Christmas. As you can imagine, Heather is particularly excited about the possibility of all-night rave parties (Not!). I’m just looking forward to chilling out on the beach.


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