Thursday, December 07, 2006

Meditating With Kalyan Singh.

A knowing friend pressed us to include, during our visit to the holy city of Varanasi, an audience with Kalyan Singh. Kalyan wears a turban and sits bare-footed and cross-legged at the core of the OM Silk Emporium, off Vishwanath Gali. “Don’t let appearance deceive you,” our friend instructed, “this is a wise and very knowledgeable man. Get to know him; he will inform you in the right ways and with respect for the great religious traditions of India.”

We made our way past the touts, water buffalo and bicycle rickshaws to Kalyan’s inner sanctum. He greeted us effusively. Kalyan exudes a certain aura that is difficult to describe. He does seem wise and, even if you are, as I am, a skeptic of all things spiritual, you get the feeling when he looks into your eyes that he penetrates your inner cynic, forgives and blesses you just the same.

Anyway, we meditated with him for several minutes, after which he served us chai garam and we bought several silk scarves. -Alex


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