Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanks, Anil!!

Anil, pictured with his family above, works day and night with Michael Bourne on behalf of the impoverished families in the villages of Bodhgaya, India. Together, the dynamic-duo of Anil and Michael (affectionately known as “Coconut #1” and “Coconut #2,” for their hard heads and soft hearts), made our volunteer efforts in this region possible. Anil planned and coordinated each day of our week down to the minute, including numerous meetings with the students, directors, teachers, medical providers and key personnel that help make it possible for nearly two hundred children to receive education and basic necessities. He also acted as a knowledgeable tour guide, sheparding us through several important sights in the Bihar region including temples, ancient caves, and museums that trace the life and path of the Buddha. He gave us the unique opportunity to visit some of the students in their homes in the local villages to see their way of life and appreciate some of the extreme poverty in the area. Without Anil, we would never have been able to interact so closely with the students and their community. To Anil we want to express a very special THANK YOU!


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