Friday, January 05, 2007

Sand, Sea and an Unwanted Roommate.

We hopped a ferry from Ko Samui to Ko Tao, another island of southern Thailand which is reputed to be among the best diving and snorkeling islands in southern Thailand. The amazing view from the balcony of our room at the Black Tip Diving Resort shows what 600 baht ($17) will buy you here (cold water shower, of course). A bit rusty on our scuba skills, we did a “check dive” course with divemaster Mark from Brighton, England. While searching for sharks (we didn’t see any), we encountered breathtaking corral and beautiful fish, including a large parrotfish. Coming back for a shower, we found this “guest” waiting in our bathroom—hungry for a slab of meat, probably.

Next, we make our way back to Ko Samui, and onto Chiang Mae, in northern Thailand.


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