Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Calligraphy & Water Paintings on Sidewalks.

Although the Forbidden City was tremendous with its vast architectural design of palaces, gates, imposing walls and moat, it is the small, everyday scenes of life that always delight and surprise me – like seeing everyone, young and old alike riding their bicycles everywhere; men flying kites and playing board games together; and the art of calligraphy practiced on sidewalks with brushes dipped in water. Alex got his first calligraphy lesson on the sidewalk of Behai Park from this talented artist who could write with both hands at the same time. He taught us how to write our names in Chinese characters and even drew a picture of Alex, which brought laughter from the surrounding crowd of on-lookers.

In keeping with the imperial style of our visit to the Forbidden City, we decided to splurge at the end of the day on a 12 course feast at one of the most elegant restaurants in Beijing called “Fangshan.” This restaurant is known for its Quing-Dynasty décor and Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s favorite 108-course banquet (which contrary to Alex’s entry, did include “crispy duck”). -Heather


Anonymous Wippler said...

Very, very cool. I am very jealous.

Keep having a great time.

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