Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our Itinerary

Here it is. It's tentative, subject to change, and probably, almost certainly, definitely, will change.

October 3rd, we land in Toyko and spend roughly a week in Japan. Then off to China (October 11-Nov. 4), Nepal (Nov. 5-12), India (Nov. 2-Dec. 10), Thailand (Dec. 10- 27--to watch our first coup and see what it's like in a country after the constitution has been suspended), Laos (Dec. 27-Jan. 10), Cambodia (Jan. 10-16), Vietnam (Jan. 16-30), Singapore, Indonesia (Bali Jan. 30-Feb. 14), Austrailia (Feb. 15-March 9), including Tasmania, New Zealand (both islands and the Milford Track through fiordland) (March 9-25), Tahiti (March 25-30) and then home again. We arrive home on March 30, 2007.


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