Friday, February 09, 2007

Hey, Hey We're the Monkeys!

We came to Ubud, the artist colony cum tourist mecca in central Bali. We'll use this town as a base from which to explore the temples and natural beauty of the island during the remainder of our stay here.

Of course our first stop was the Monkey Forest, where I made many new friends. Monkeys are fond of grooming each other, and I was lucky enough to have one pick through my hair to see if I had any lice--as far as I know he didn't find any.


Blogger ML said...

Hi there! My name is Marina and I live in Brazil. I´m reading Liz Gilbert´s book and I decided looking for Ubud on internet and I discovered your blogg!!! Seems you went for a 6 months trip around Asia and Afria... I´d like to do that... How do you think I can read more about those places?
Thank you!

10:30 AM  

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