Monday, January 22, 2007

The Cambodian $2 Haircut.

Truly one of the terrifying aspects of extended travel in Southeast Asia is the prospect of getting a haircut. Let's be honest: I know I'm just an average-looking guy, and that's on my best day. A good or bad haircut is not going to tip the scales much one way or the other. On the other hand, doesn't everyone experience a twinge of fear when a complete stranger approaches one's head bearing sissors?

I opted for the $2 Barbershop, not because of the competitive price (though that alone would ordinarily be enough), but because it was recommended the day before by our tuk-tuk driver. My barber did not speak any English, so we had to seal the deal using grunts and sign language. Ultimately, he did a decent job (using the term liberally), and finished with a vigorous shoulder massage, complete with little karate chops.

Fortunately, with the money I saved I can buy a nice quality paper bag to put over my head.


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